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Established since January 20th, 2010 with parters operating in the area of transit, transportation and trade.


Supports all aspects relating to transport and customs operations in the main customs offices dedicated operating activity clearance.

Helping You Achieve Succsess

AFRILOG SARL has proven experience in the areas of transit, customs clearance and transportation and its highly trained staff has proven experience in operation functions. Every weekend, under the supervision of Chief Executive Officer, held a working session that brings together all the sevices, whose purpose is to :

Review client files


Speed up the process to optimize the delivezy


Harmonize the different political approach towards customers and suppliers


Oil management mechanism further by making it more fluid information flows inter service.


Our Services

  • Transit, handling and transport,
  • Customs clearance (customs broker)
  • Bonded warehouse or self storage,
  • Consolidation, Air Freight, road and sea,
  • Freight tranport : road usually abnormal loads…
  • Provision of transportation,
Production of all types of transport from the factory made on side.

Anxious to become in the near future one of the companies pan African transit strongest

AFRILOG SARL undertakes a heavy investment program to meet the challenges facing the demands of the international market . It is surrondede by all the possibilities it offers New Information Technology and Communication to ensure a successful outcome of its research and development.







About Us

AFRILOG SARL is a major player in international trade and was approved in 2010 by the Directorate General of Customs NIGER. AFRILOG SARL offers public and private entreprises and foreign Niger established or not established its expertise and experience in the field of transit and clearance (maritime, road and air), handling, transport and delivery of goods.


I just wanted to share how much Afrilog values  as Special Programs Leader,  professional, courteous and willing to help.  You came through in the clutch to support our claim. Your assistance and support is greatly appreciated!

Dear Afrilog, we would like to thank you for an amazing effort and great support. Your professionalism has been superb and we really appreciate your efforts.

Many people take the time to complain, but few take the time to compliment. Thanks for the great service, and the attitude to serve the customer. I know that starts at the top! Thanks…


Our Missions In Images

AFRILOG SARL organizes through its network of correspondents

The removal and transport of goods to or from the country or the International synthesizing the administrative procedures involved, but also offer transport solutions and intervene in the rigorous monitoring of supply operations . With this potential, AFRILOG SARL is to complete all requests for transportation, transit, shopping and trading and logistic traching.

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